Our signature piece is our Kitty Adventure Tree!

Some of Our products:   

Katrees & cat  furniture

Your cat's special and we understand just how much you want your cat to be happy and comfortable.  

Quality Michigan made pet furniture!


New Buffalo Famer's Market

We know just how much you love your dog, and with us you can treat them like royalty with their own special bed.

Racing to get to the Double Kitty Adventure Tree!

Your pet is family. 

Find where we will be showing next and what stores we have items in:  Mattawan Pet Supplies carries a few of our items.   http://mattawanpetstore.com/

Half-round Saddle rack with 38" oak legs $69.50​

Dog furniture

And miscellaneous

Our hardwood dog beds will vary in types of wood veneers.  They are trimmed in either oak or black walnut. But due to availability, some of the patterned maple we may not have on hand.  No 2 dog beds look the same!   The beds with a porch come in several sizes, just like the ones without, we make them for pets with joint problems!

Here at FurryFriendsFurniture,LLC we  believe that your pet is family.  They deserve to have quality items to sleep and play on.  

We supply them with such items!