Care of KATree:

AS YOUR CAT TEARS UP HIS OR HER TREE, you will need to periodically trim it with scissors. This keeps the tree looking nice and prevents your feline friend from eating the strings.

Your KATree can be vacuumed off just like your carpet. When you need to clean a stain, we recommend SIMPLE GREEN. It is a pet friendly product.The curved platforms are made from a recycled structurally sound paperboard. It is a strong material and will last your feline friend many years. However, too much moisture will cause it to swell.

With all our products, we take pride in making the best quality pet friendly furniture money can buy. 99% of the materials that go into the construction of our products are manufactured in the USA. However, sometimes the fasteners we purchase are not produced here. These fasteners are the only part of our product not made in the USA.

Care of Wood Dogbeds:

We use Howard products wood care on our bed.

​We are not endorsing there products, we just like them!


Brian David Drenth
5stars-Best Pet furniture around, My wife and have had a cat tree that was made three years ago and a dog bed, way better quality than what you find in Walmart or Meijers. Plus it Michigan made!
November 21, 2014

Melissa Zimmerle
5stars-Our kitty loves his new tower! Very pleased with our purchase and the quality of the tower!

​July 2015

​All our hardwoods furniture begin in log form. Logs to lumber. The process starts by taking the logs to the sawmill and then back to our workshop, where the boards are stacked to air dry. This process takes about eighteen months. We try to have on hand about 1600 board feet of a variety of American hardwood grown here in Michigan. 
We are proud of our state and the resources it has to offer. And we know our customers appreciate the quality that goes into our products.
We take & process only trees that had to be taken down due to hazardous conditions or are blown down. We here at Furry Friends Furniture are concerned about our environment and are involved in many activities to help preserve it.
So, from us to you, thank you for your business.



care of your products: